Monday, June 30, 2008

Handy Honey!

I have a Handy Honey! I haven't posted any pictures of our newly, fabulous pantry that my sweetie just finished a few weeks ago. We have a small, but cute house you see and storage has always been issue for us, so Matt decided to bust through the wall in our laundry room raise the floor of the outside utility room and build us a pantry. I love it!!! Everything has it's place, the trash and recycling bins are out of the way, the cat food is tucked in the corner, the broom has a spot. The best part of all is that after assembling the whole darn thing, Matt decided one night that he would organize all our of cabinets, Wowie wow, wow as Junie B. Jones (2nd grade reference) would say.

Wow, he even tiled the floor to match the laundry room slate, I love that guy! Here're a shout out to my handy honey, you ROCK!
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Sarah said...

Hi Whitney,

This is Sarah Iseley from church- I linked onto your site through the Sassers and was admiring the work you hubby did on the pantry. Wow! As the wife of another handy honey, I totally relate to the awesome stuff they can do! I post quite frequently about the happenings at our house...ever want to check it out, come on over! Hope you are having a GREAT summer off. It was good to see you at Sue's party. I just love her and it is obvious that all of you guys do too. She'll be missed for sure.