Friday, July 25, 2008

picture of the week

I call it: babysitter, babysitter what do you see?

I have to confess to not taking a single picture this week, sigh, don't get me wrong it's not that there wasn't anything to snap, b/c I would have loved to capture Ollie sitting up on the credenza in our living room yesterday afternoon going through my pocketbook, but he went to time out to fast to snap that one. So I am borrowing this cute image from my friend Lauren's blog, she and her fiance' kept Olls last week so Matty and I could have a little date night. Listen, he is still so darn cute, even when he's going through my pocket book 4 feet off the ground. Today, Ollie is 17 months old, happy, happy, we're headed to Virginia with our small group this afternoon, I won't forget the camera!

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