Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This past weekend Matt and I went away to celebrate the 4th and our 7th wedding anniversary. We headed to Oriental, NC home of the "Wiley Shiner" (our boat, aka The Shiner) on Thursday, we spent two days cruising around, swimming with jellyfish, eating lobster, fried soft-shell crab sandwiches, sleeping, installing a stereo, attending the Croaker festival, falling more in love with each other and I read a lot. We then headed on to Beaufort, NC for a night in a B and B. I love to read, it's the one thing I do to escape from reality, I read 300 pages on Friday. Well, I started re-reading Redeeming Love again last week. It was just calling me from our hallway book shelf. If you have never read this book, you must! It's a romantic love story which basically re-tells the story of Hosea. Michael, a farmer, feels Christ telling him to marry Angel, a prostitute. They go back and forth with hate, love and resolution. I was reminded of just how much Christ wants to pursue me, everyday, I am His beloved! Whew, I think we just need a "redeeming love experience" once in a while and I surely was due! As the back of the cover says Redeeming Love is a life-changing story of God's unconditional, redemptive, and all-consuming love. Looking for a summer read???


millie smith said...

happy anniversary! truly one of my favorite books. if you haven't read it yet, her Mark of the Lion series (3 books) are just as good. except that you have to stick with the first one for a bit to get into the characters and past the history!

Anonymous said...

Hey Whit, wow! How can you read that again. It is a "do not put this book down" read. I loved it.
I have felt the need for redeeming love so many times in my life. Jesus was always there, I was the one who moved. He is faithful, kind, full of mercy and so compassionate. I would have kicked her out of my home and said "good ridence". That's not our Jesus, thank goodness. He sees us at the end of the story. He knows us from beginning to end and He loves us anyways. May all who don't know Him as Savior and Lord, take this time to declare Him yours today. You never know when your time may be up and it will be too late if you haven't accepted Him as Savior now. Pray about it.
Love ya Whit,

Amy Sasser said...

You know how much I love this book! Glad you finished it once again but I had a feeling it wouldn't take you long! So glad you all had fun on your trip!