Monday, February 7, 2011


A valentine's smile and her brother's Thomas toothbrush, gotta have a prop...or a distraction if you will!

Speaking of teeth, her 8th tooth popped through last week and her 1 year molar in the back is making its way to the surface as well, fun times!

Speaking of ears...little SC was diagnosed with her 5th ear infection this weekend which has deemed us a trip to the ENT in a few weeks. We were hoping we could make it through the winter without needing ear tubes...we shall see what the dr has to say. Oh the joys!

Speaking of speaking...this girl can say hi and hey and wave bye bye...excited to see what words we will hear in the next little while.

Speaking of eating...SC will devour almost anything you put in front of very different from her brother! She even likes olives!
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