Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Check ups...

8 shots, 8 band aids, 2 finger pricks, a few rounds of crying without breathing or making a sound, a sticker and a hand full of m and m's...we survived Ollie and Sarah Claire's one and four year checkups today. Whew!!!

His stats:

Weight: 40 1/2 pounds

Height: 43 1/4 inches tall (puts him in the 97th percentile..still) Dr. Keiffer thought his shirt was ironic!

Eyesight: 20/30

Hearing: good!

He's a tall, lean and growing machine. Who is totally into letters and sounds, says ____ starts with _____ all the time!

Her stats:

Weight: 22 pounds 1 oz

Height: 30 inches tall (50-75th percentile...honestly thought she'd be taller.)

Ears: ok...actually she had another double ear infection on Friday...still weighing the option of tubes, praying that spring would push them out of the picture all together.

Eyes: beautiful blue

She's growing into a passionate toddler right before our eyes. And I mean passionate in good and bad ways, we've seen a bit more personality lately. She's still not walking but cruising every where.

All in all we are so thankful to have such healthy kids.

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