Friday, March 25, 2011

the other kids in my life...

We had a "photo shoot" for the yearbook the other day on the playground. I don't think I've posted pics of these guys yet this year. They're pretty awesome and very smart...and so very ready for a spring break...alas its still about 3 weeks away!

Alana, Eleanor, Sara, Niheira, Sarah Worth, Avery, Jillian, Azahria, Isabelle, Valerie, Tiet, Elizabeth, Merissa (the girls) and Tilden, Tanner, Hi, Mring, Ymon, Alex, Nolan, Mason, Israel, and Adonijah (the boys) bring me joy, laughter and the occasional migraine headache.

But all in all this year has been a fun one. I really like 3rd grade. Its oh so different than 2nd, not sure that I like it better or worse, but I like it. The school where I am at this year is in a different part of town, in fact if we hadn't moved last year (it'll be a year on May 17th) I could've walked to work (could've.) The PTA is such a strong supporter of our classrooms and they sponsor many events through out the year, which is so neat. I have volunteers in my room every week. Its a neat little spot, well I say little, think we have over 700 students!

I can say that the older Ollie gets and now SC I am seeing the worlds collide a bit, I'll catch myself saying things like "have a happy heart" to my 3rd graders or telling Ollie he will loose a "pirate buck" if he doesn't______! (fill in the blank) Seriously though, I still walk away every day knowing that teaching is a I'm glad I got called to!
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Katie said...

Next year you will some of my kiddos!!!!!!!

Joylynn said...

I love hearing about how much you love your job, Whitney! I know without a doubt that your love for them is impacting them on an eternal level.