Sunday, March 6, 2011

dishes and baby jaguars...

One of SC's favorite past times these days is to help me "un load" the dishwasher. She will pull out all the silver wear and then hold it up for me to grab. I say "thank you" and she tries in her best way to mimic me. Don't get me wrong only a moma would understand this baby language. But I've been working with her a lot lately on mimicing words. I heard her say "ish" for fish today and a very cute version of "uh oh" when she dropped something. All of this is after I say it to her, not on her own. Still pretty fun!
Today it was rainy and a bit chilly, Ollie built a jaguar bed, he called it, on the floor. We all played "jaguars."
Sarah Claire really, really digs her brother these days. She just loves to be where he is. It is so neat to see them start to really "play." This blog post has a lot of "quotations!"

1 comment:

John said...

There so cute, I love those photo that they were smiling it also brings out the smile on me.

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