Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the plan

Here are John and Ollie eating "salad" at Country Park the other day. Actually Ollie really is taking a bite, gross Olls! These two have become big buds lately. Just last week I told Ollie when I was picking him up from school that we were going to have pizza with John that night, he burst into tears when we pulled in our driveway and not Johns because he was ready to eat pizza then, with John. Ollie cried on Sunday when we had to leave John and the church playground. And everyday this week when we have gotten in the car, Ollie says, "go John's house." Even though these guys are 14 months apart they play pretty well, John teaches Ollie how to share and communicate and apparently make salad (something he doesn't know that much about.)

We met John's parents about 8 years ago, long before John or Ollie were ever a twinkle in either of our eyes. We became friends fast, we were going through the same life stages as we got married only a week apart. We went on a fall trip together every year, brought in many a new year, shared many young life trips and then they headed off to Florida for a while and we missed them. About two years later they came back to Greensboro with John in tow. It's honestly hard for old friends to jump back into friendships, but little did we know that about a year later we would have an Ollie and that would help change things. It's been amazing to me over the past year how our kid's friendship could strengthen our friendship, but it has. I guess that's just it...not just being a part of the plan for our lives but living in God's plan.

On a photography side note, if you use Picasa 3 you can go to effects and turn up the saturation of color in your photos, like I did with this one and it turn from dull to razzle dazzle.

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