Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seeing with "poet's eyes"

On Friday a magical thing thing happened in Trailer 28...our poetry coffee house. I always celebrate all that my kids have learned in our poetry unit by hanging the twinkly lights, getting the school's sound system, serving cookies and lemonade and allowing my 2nd graders to feel like stars...if only for a few minutes.
Here are some family shots of all our "specials guests." We had brothers and sisters travel our way from pre-K all the way to 5th grade, as well as one very little brother to visit who was only 2 weeks old. We also had a handful of moms and dads visit, look at all those smiling faces.
They all chose their favorite poem to read. They were all very special, but the one that Henry read stood out to me. When he stood in front of the class he said, "My poem is called: Inside my heart and I dedicate it to my best friend, Diego."

Inside My Heart
By: Henry R.

Inside my heart lives
one friend
he's kind of shy
when he speaks to teachers
he speaks low
but when he talks to me
he speaks loud
and he plays
with me
all the time
he is my very best friend
i met him in 1st grade
and sometimes he doesn't talk
very much
you're awesome, Diego!

I'd like to give a shout our to my un-believable student teacher, who taught this whole unit herself. It's a hard one for me to hand over since it is so special to my heart. You know there are many moments in my days that make me question my "calling" in life, and then I run into some of these moments and think I could do this forever!
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Laura said...

I couldn't be an unbelievable teacher without having an AMAZING OSTE! I couldn't do what I do without your guidance and help.

That coffee shop reminded me why I wanted to be a teacher. I needed that after that first full week of teaching and having such a chaotic week.

Amy Sasser said...

Thanks for the glimpse into Mrs. Hannam's classroom! Love it and love how you bless all those little ones.

Anonymous said...

where the heck is the B&B review?

Kristin said...

Your post makes me miss the classroom a lot! You must be awesome with all those little ones...They are very blessed to have you as their teacher!

Laura's Mom :) said...

I loved hearing about the Poetry Coffee House. I truly wish I could have been there to experience it with the class. Too bad you did not video tape it to share with others. This concept shows that Teachers are the Best!