Sunday, February 1, 2009

I survived...

my very first Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. We celebrated the 1st and 3rd birthday's of our friends Evalyn and Lauren on Saturday morning. Whew, I seriously feel like need a t-shirt that states: I survived Chuck E. Cheese! It was pure chaotic fun, I'm pretty sure Ollie had a blast, he mostly just rode the Bob the Builder "tractor" the whole time, for real like 15 times, by the end he knew how to put the token in all by himself, while 300 (or so it seemed) of his closest friends from Greensboro ran around the room. I've had many experiences as a parent in my 1.11 months of experience, but this was by far the one experience I wished that I had one of those animal back pack leash type things, whoa, what an hour!
When we got home Olls said, "I play Chucky, fun!"
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Tales From My Empty Nest said...

My girls are 20 & 25, but I remember those wild days at Chuckie Cheese!!! Wait until you have Ollie's party there one day and you are trying to keep up with all the kids. That is a trip!!!
Have a great week. Love & blessings, Melinda!

Anonymous said...

You are too young to give up on Chuckie Cheese! It gets wilder about three years old for Ollie. Maybe we don't have to do that. I like backyard parties with fenced in back yards or small living rooms with all the other doors in the house closed and off limits or a nice back porch would really be great. Fun times ahead. How many years have you taught 2nd Grade? CC is a piece of cake compared to that I would think. Snow days may be ahead even here in Charleston. How do you do the "Snow Dance" southern style?
Love ya,
Mom in C.

Joylynn Rasmussen said...

My middle/high school piano teacher's young son (now 19) went to Chuckie Cheese and was scared silly by Chuckie himself whom he called "Mr. Biggie Rat." I still laugh when I think of that story.