Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Sorry for the lack of blogging these days...been busy around here! Ollie and I had a conversation this afternoon on the ride home from school that was so hilarious I just had to share, it went like this...

Me: Ollie we've got to stop by the grocery store and get some milk, we're all out.
Olls: Umm, maybe later this afternoon.
Me: No, sweetie we're gonna go right now, Mommy wants to get it over with.
Olls: Umm, it's too late (he says that now when he doesn't want to do something.)
Me: Sorry buddy, we've got to go.
Olls: I said NO! (really loud I might add)
Me: Ollie you are not the boss of me, I am the boss and we are going to the store.
Olls: No, I am the boss!
Me: No, I am the boss!
Olls: No, I am the boss!
Me: No, sweetie Mommy and Daddy are the boss.
Olls: Mom, you are crazy!

Call it what you must, but this kid says some funny things these days and we absolutely love it!
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Mom in C. said...

Don't you think our Ollie is just too smart? He is so funny too. I think he is going to become a political person when he is older. He does have an opinion doesn't he.
Enjoy all those times you have. He will be going off to college before you blink your eyes. Love to all of you.

Joylynn said...

HEHEHEHEHE. That's right, you stand your ground because you and Matt ARE the bosses. Maybe next time, you could say, "Ollie, God's the boss" and see how he could argue with that!