Tuesday, August 18, 2009


You know how some days you just wake up and wish you were somewhere else doing something different, well Saturday was one of those days for us. It's been a topsy turvy few weeks around here, so Saturday we decided to hit the road and head to the mountains. Believe it our not this was Ollie's first trip to the mountains. Our car just naturally drives south and hardly ever north. But we found a creek to play in, a cute place to crash for the night, ate plenty of yummy food and even heard some live bluegrass.

We also hiked to Linville falls, quite an adventure for a two year old!
And just enjoyed being together as a family...finding rest and adventure in a new spot.
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Mom in C. (I'm back!) said...

These are so sweet. You all look so relaxed and rested to have been so busy. Must be the mountains!
Love to all of you.

Joylynn said...

Way to be spontaneous!