Sunday, August 12, 2012


 We headed up to Virginia for the night last night to see the fam.  Matt's parents have a coop of 5 chickens and they let them out last night around sunset.  They were very fun to watch. Ollie and Sarah Claire loved them!  In fact Ollie kept checking to see if there were any eggs, and I think he found a total of 4! We ate them for breakfast of course this morning.
 Sarah Claire liked watching them and touching them and even picked up a handful of feed and held it out to this one special one, whom she named, "Sue," a nickname we still call her a lot. 
 I think they are beautiful birds, who know maybe one day we'll have chickens too!
Love this little farm hand, in her pink smocked dress, another dress that used to be mine when I was her age!

Apologies for the lack of blogging, it's the middle of August already! We've been hanging out with friends getting ready for Kindergarten and fixing up my new room here and there, I am going to teach first grade this year (taught it for 3 years about 9 years ago.) I am excited for the change and look forward to being real close to my big Kindergartner who will be right across the hall from me all day long, what a fun and exciting change this will be for our family.

This week is my last official week of summer, with workdays starting next Monday.  We hope to see lots of friends both near and even going on an overnight visit to see one of my best friends and college roomates!  You know me, love to squeeze every little last second out of my time.  We have had a fabulous summer, one we all will not forget!

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