Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Liquid Kaleidoscope

You will need: a tin or shallow dish, whole milk (could use half and half maybe), food coloring, toothpicks and a quarter size amount of dish soap (ie Dawn).

Step 1: pour milk in the dish and let it sit to get to room temp. (I let this sit out for about 3 hours) I guess you could microwave it too.
Step 2: When ready for the experiment, put several drops of food coloring in various places on the milk.
Step 3: take a toothpick and touch the end to the dish soap, then touch the milk with the soap, and voila...you should start to see the kaleidoscope movement, repeat the soap to milk part to see it move more! So very cool, it will actually move on its own after a while!

Why does this happen...because the oil in the soap moves the fat in the water based milk!  Enjoy!!

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