Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catching up...

 We've been loving being at home and enjoying summer around here!  Ollie and I worked on a science project one day last week involving baking soda and vinegar...Love the safety goggles!

 Sarah Claire is back into taking care of all her many baby dolls, she also has really enjoyed playing upstairs in her room and the playroom this summer sometimes even by that!
 My little cows dressed up for cow appreciation cute! We went for breakfast to beat the crowd!

 We had our neighbor friend Molly over the other day to play and did yet another Pinterest science project...made SLIME! Using the ingredients above, it was a big slimy hit!
 SC was a princess fairy this week...took the picture b/c she is sporting her brother's old shorts.  They are too cute and with her cute white girly shirt I figured, hey why not?  I've decided with much thought to try and consign the majority of their clothes this fall, a huge project to take on as we have a lot of clothes in the attic.  So I found these gems when sorting out the other day!

We headed to City Lake Park yesterday with a few friends from church.  We enjoyed the carousel, played mini golf and rode the train lots of times...but man was it HOT!  We've also been enjoying pool hopping with friends this week, since we decided against joining a pool this summer!  I love summertime!!!!

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