Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 21...black and white

Last official day of the "vacation" part of the trip.  We will begin the 34 hours, 2,260 miles of driving to get back to Greensboro, tomorrow.  Today was a fun day, we dropped Matt off beside a river for a few hours this morning for one last go with the fly rod.  The kids and I saw the sights of Jackson, bought a cap gun (with allowance $), stood by one of the antler arches, just had a good time being together.  This afternoon Matt and I were able to slip away to see a movie and have dinner...alone! When you're in a city as swanky as Jackson Hole, they have a local babysitting service.  It was amazing...such a nice way to end a trip! 

Matt and I have been asking ourselves the past few days...what will we take away from this trip? We hope many good things.  We've learned that we surely can live with a lot less than we usually do and in much smaller quarters.  Our kids have learned to love each other in a new ways, we hope this love will continue to grow when we get back home.  Tonight I feel very thankful, thankful to have the opportunity to go on such a fabulous adventure with my family!  We (the Hannam crew) highly recommend a road tripping adventure!

We set out tomorrow bright and early...I've re-stocked all our dollar store items and I am prepared to once again sit in the back seat and our captain is ready to man the ship...bon voyage!

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