Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 29...reflections...

"Awe we have to go home?!" -S.C.
Well, we did it.  We successfully traveled for 3 plus weeks in our Dodge Ram pick up, pulling a 19 foot camper, with a small amount of worldly belongings.  We made it back home a few days ago.  The whole getting home part was pretty tough, going 500-600 miles a day, a few 10 hour days in the car.  We pretty much drove, stopping only briefly, we did crash at hotels every night on the return journey which was nice.

Am I glad we did it...yes, of course.  We saw things we've (both Matt and I and the kids) never seen before.  We had fun like we've never had before.  We simply just enjoyed being together, something I know we take for granted when we are at home doing home things.  It was so nice to simplify for a while, live in a tiny space (I miss it) I love that it forced us to have to get along and hang out.  I hope we take with us from the trip the value of a camp fire, meeting new friends, the yumminess of grilled chicken, the beauty of a snow capped mountain and the peacefulness of just getting away and leaving the world as we know it behind.

Being back home I am looking forward to lunch dates, play dates, pool parties, pinterest projects, home organization and the like...but for a moment I reflect and am very grateful...and hopeful for the many adventures yet to come for our sweet little family.

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