Monday, July 2, 2012

Our trip in numbers...

While all the 3 other Hannam's are (mostly) asleep for naptime. I thought I would share some of our numbers with you.  You might not know this about me, but I am a numbers kind of girl, not so much a huge fan of math but I have always loved to count things.  So here goes...

# of days so far: 20
# of miles traveled: 3,812
# of gallons of milk we've drank: 7 (we drink a lot of milk)
# of diapers we've gone through: ?? 2 huge packs from Sams...had to buy more at the Kmart yesterday.  On the agenda when we get back...potty training...she's very close already but we didn't want to have to stop to potty as we drove.
# of baby wipe packs we've used: wipes are so handy, we use them for everything around here, esp cleaning things up (had to buy more of those as well, underestimated their handiness.)
# of times we've done laundry: 3
# of boo-boos, cuts, bruises and splinters we've all accumulated: well over 20
# of books I've read: 2 (Mockingjay and read a great book on my Kindle "Broken Laces." It was a free download with the Amazon Prime. I've also gotten caught up on several magazines.
# of books we've read as a family: tons of picture books in the car and at bedtime, but 4 chapter books, read 3 Junie B Jones books and am currently reading out loud "Little House in the Big Woods" ( a spin off of Little House on the Prairie) Ollie loves it!
# of Targets we've been too: 0, have been to one Walmart and a Kmart, yesterday.
# of Chikfila's we've seen: 0 since we left West Virginia, sounds yummy right about now.
# of pools we've swam in: 6
# of oil changes we've had: 1 (Matt just went to take the truck right now)
# of snuggles and good times (don't worry there have been some frustrating parts as well): countless!!!!

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