Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bye, Bye Pach!

Photo: circa 2 months ago, Ollie climbed up on the Glider and got into the drawer on his changing table and pulled out a bag of old baby pacis, what a treasure as he tasted one, spit it out to taste another.

On Monday when I picked Olls up from school his teacher said, oh Ollie came to school today with a, and then she pointed to her mouth and whispered paci, as if we had just committed a cardinal sin. I said oh, yeah, well we kinda still let him have at night and stuff. Matt dropped him off that morning and truth be told, I always take it out of his mouth before he gets out of the car when I drop him off. So then I said, Gwen, doesn't he ask for it at naptime any more?? Her reply was, Whitney, we haven't given him that thing in about 2 months, he doesn't even have one here (he does, I checked his cubby, a cute red one.) So, I kinda laughed it off, Ollie blew kisses to all his friends and off we went. As we rounded the corner onto Dellwood I began thinking about the whole "pach (as Ollie refers to it) phenomenon."

My thought was, hmmm, he really hasn't "asked" for pach in a week or so, he does love his little froggy blanket, but pach well we haven't heard that word as much. I honestly think that Matt and I have been giving it to him every night sort of like it's our safeguard, Ollie will sleep better if he has the pach, kinda thinking. At night prior to a week ago, every night Ollie would run around the house at bed time, singing Pach, pachy, pachy pach, like he was looking for his long lost best friend, so cute we would say and sing with him.

So, Monday night I said a prayer and proposed my new plan to Matt, no pach unless it is asked for. I am proud to announce that we've been pach free for 3 whole nights...knock on the key board or something. I can't believe that this could be that easy, maybe he just made his mind up, all done as Ollie would say, all done. Stay tuned...we're going to the sailboat this weekend, will we be able to make the 4 hour road trip without pachy, pach, pach??? As for Froggy, Ollie...mommy had to wean herself off of her blankey the week before she married your daddy, live on froggy, live on!
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Amy Sasser said...

What a big boy Ollie! Now you and Anna have both given up treasured items! :) Have fun on the boat!

Emily Nixon said...

Whitney, We're going through the same thing right now with Rachel. I think day care helps with that process. Rachel has been using her paci less and less and she hardly ever has it at school - even for naps. I still give her one at night, but I think I'll have to stop and see how she does... It's amazing how these things just happen... Love ya!

melissa said...

wow, i can't even imagine asher not asking for his. that's awesome about ollie!! i bet he'll actually sleep better, instead of trying to make sure he's got it in his mouth, finding it in bed, etc. etc. i got that book "pacifiers aren't forever", and when i try to read it to asher, he says, "No, Mama! No, Mama!"

Kendra said...

I remember giving up mine as a kid. It was brutal. I'm glad it's going relatively smoothly for you guys. :) Hope you're well!