Sunday, September 28, 2008


This is how excited me and my seven chins were yesterday when Matt gave me a package that came in the mail from Circuit City, guessed it...A NEW CAMERA!!! He loves me so much and even though he didn't remember that today is my 1/2 birthday I think his sub-conscious told him. So I snapped 30 pictures in about 2 hours, he are a few of the hi-lites of our day yesterday, well after the package arrived. I seriously almost cried, I can't believe how hard it's been for me not to have a camera ( I vowed never to let sippy and camera get close ever again.)
Matt has let Ollie start "playing" in the barn (outside utility/ workshop thing in our backyard.) The rule is he's allowed to visit as long as he listens to Daddy, so far Ollie has loved being able to work on projects such as fixing the boat motor, and playing with a really cool magnet thing, as well as getting his pants dirty with saw dust. While Matt went to get spark plugs Ollie and I walked down to the corner to see the tractors, notice how ominous the sky looked all day. They're doing something to the water pipes, so there are 4 huge tractors down our street, needless to say Ollie loves to go see them. And the one on the corner is the little sweetness ready for night-night, what a fun day, what a great 1/2 birthday present! I love you, Matty!
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Kendra said...

YAY!!!! Congrats on the new camera!! I know you're super excited. And I think that multiple chins are just part of life. I think my record is nine, but five is an easy average. Pictures just aren't pictures without them. ;)

Emily said...

That's awesome. Friday was my actual birthday and your half-birthday present outweighs my actual birthday ones... :) Enjoy!

sh said...

Whitney, I just love your weblog, especially since you've started updating it regularly. I'm so glad you got a new camera. I know what it's like to be without one. Your photos are awesome- it's amazing to see Ollie grow! I love his faces.