Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Good Ole Corral

This blog is brought to you in pretty much real time. We're at Windy Gap this weekend helping out with work crew for the fall Campaigner weekend. It's nap time, so I'm stuck on a very nice leather couch in a very nicely renovated summer staff housing apt. while Matt serves high schoolers from around the state Windy Gap pizza, it's some of the best you'll ever taste! It's even better when you dip it in yummy ranch dressing, mmm! So Kristen and I took the boys all around camp this morning and here are some highlights from the trip to the Windy Gap Stables. I love this place, I really wish I could live here, it is a one year old's dream come true! I hope you enjoy the pics and sorry for not blogging that much this week, back to the real world you know.
Ollie kept saying, "horsss, horsss, horsss," like a hundred times, cute!
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Jenny said...

how precious! what fun times!