Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Out!

We found this book when Olls was just a wee baby, like 3 months at TJ Maxx. We've been reading it on and off throughout the days, but recently it's become a big hit around our house. It's a cute story of Gossie and Gertie who've just hatched out of their eggs and their buddy Ollie just won't come out of his, they beg and plead him as he rolls around the farm, until they use reverse psychology with him and say fine don't come out. Well of course that works and Ollie comes out. Our Ollie enjoys this book of course because it has his name, and he likes the geese. So on our way home from the boat our little man was chillin' in the back seat "reading" his books, it's so cute he flips the pages, looks at the pictures. Well yesterday he was reading "Ollie" and was just a gibbering away and when he got to the last page he paused and said "I'm out," just as clear as day just like it says in his book. How cute, how smart, I knew I'd have him reading before two, :).

More ramblings (feel free to stop reading here)...Ollie hasn't had his pach in 7 days, hallelujah!! I'm thinking about having my own fundraiser to buy a new camera, would you support me?? I would have loved to show you a picture of Ollie riding around Oriental with Matt on the backseat of a cruiser with the cutest little bicycle helmet, so cute!!! Happy 1st day of fall, I can smell the cider, yum!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Whit,
I remember when we got that book. It was a fun day and now he is "reading it". Wow! Doesn't look like your fundraiser has kicked off yet. Can't miss any more pics of our boys and girl. How about your Dad and I give $50. to the fundraiser and challenge others to do what they can for a good cause! Love ya, Mom