Sunday, February 14, 2010

Almost 3!

We celebrated Ollie's 3rd birthday this weekend a bit early...just in case we're celebrating another birthday very close or on the same day as his real birthday! Ollie and his friends met at the Natural Science Center, his favorite spot in town! Ollie all of a sudden is really into spiderman, not sure why...but we found some spiderman stuff at Walmart and Grandma brought some yummy cupcakes. It was a fun time!
Can't believe my little pirate is almost 3 years old!
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Grandma in C. said...

We had a wonderful time. So many cute, sweet new babies. You are so blessed to have so many nice friends.
The snow was a "Winter Wonderland"
and our little Ollie was so sweet and enjoyed everyone so much.
Just think, Ollie gets to celebrate on his "real" birthday too. Wow!
We love you, Grandma and Grandaddy in C.