Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hi, I'm "free"

3 years ago today you came into the world and brought us a joy would couldn't have ever imagined having! Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Ollie!

Here are some pics from what looks like to have been a really fun 3rd year of life!

No inductions scheduled for today, thank goodness! We'll just keeping on trucking and shoot for Sunday night!
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Grandma in C. said...

Happy Birthday Ollie! Wow! Three years we have been blessed to have you light up our lives. You are the best. Enjoy your day. Presents are on the way. Delivery got messed up. Oh well, you will get a couple more when we come to Greensboro. Take care of Mommy and the new little baby and give Dad a big high five. See you soon.
Love to you, Grandma in C.

Atkinson said...

happy birthday ollie!!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Ollie! Have a great day!

Chase (and the rest of the Hackeltons!)

millie smith said...

happy birthday ollie!!! --love, grayson, millie, justin & finley!