Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So I've been reflecting a good bit these days...trying to remember the days of having a newborn in the house. Back then our lives were consumed (or so it seemed) with feedings, nap schedules, breastpumps, weight gain, gas drops, ounces, swings vs. cribs, etc. Here we are 2 + years later and we're more about snack time, chocolate milk, family days, playgrounds, the Science Center, time out, and playing and learning with friends.

Life with a newborn was hard, quite honestly it rocked our world in a lot of ways. But no matter the adventures throughout the day and into the wee hours of the night ...every day felt like Christmas to us. There was nothing like walking into that sweet new baby boy's room over and over again and taking him out of his crib to kiss his sweet cheeks and thank Jesus for the special gift that He gave us.

In thinking about writing this post it reminded me to still rejoice in the everyday moments of being a parent, we have much to celebrate. We love the joy and fun that Ollie brings to our days and look forward to seeing him learn to love his baby brother or sister.

Life is about to change for us...all of us...Christmas is coming again real soon!
Baby update in stats: 37 weeks 2 days pregnant, 1 cm dilated, contractions here and there but nothing consistent, another ultrasound scheduled for next Tuesday to check the baby's weight and then we'll talk about a plan with our doc. Thanks for caring about all these Hannams!
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Mom in C. said...

You are the sweetest little family I know. Merry Christmas times two!
Baby Hannan is coming into a world of loving parents and the best big brother around. Just store all these memories in your heart because those little ones will be eighteen and gone before you know it. It doesn't seem to be possible now when you are changing diapers at 2 in the am or potty training but it happens. Just cherish each and every moment even the not so good ones. Trust in the Lord and know that He has all of you in His loving hands.
Mom in C.

Atkinson said...

thinking about the hannams...yay for christmas:)