Monday, February 1, 2010

Snowy Days

Day 1

It was burr cold, still fr-drizzling, snowing, etc. We ventured out for a brief walk around the block. Only the back two wheels of the red wagon were touching the ground. Snow, snow, snow! Oh and major props to the USPS, yes that is our mail carrier trudging through the white stuff!
Day 2

The sun came out! Ollie was much more into the white stuff yesterday. Made lots of snow angels...licked lots of white snow, took down the biggest icicle I've ever seen. We all had cabin fever so we ventured over to Bravo to shovel some snow and check things out.
Favorite pic...actually took it on accident, but love my half snow angel!

Day 3...snow day today! Enjoying this time off to rest, clean, sort and organize and play with my little Olls...I am getting my nesting on like crazy! 35 days till d-day!
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Grandma in C. said...

These are great, couldn't find the mailman. Is it like finding Waldo?
I like Ollie's new belt and really dig those crazy boots. You all are having so much fun. How did MacKenzie enjoy it? Or Owen? Have fun and save that giant icecyle (is that how you spell it?)
Anyways, wish I was there with all of you. Sounds like a nice bowl of grandma chilli would be good or grandaddy soup. Just pretend.
Love to all of you.
Grandma in C.