Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 days old...

Here's the update while things are calm...for a moment...this little guy wins the big brother award...he absolutely loves his Sarah Claire! He calls her baby Sarah most of the time, but mommy from the deep south wants to call her both names of course. He said last night, Mommy I am really glad I have a sister, and often says to her, don't worry it'll be ok, baby Sarah. Side note on the name....Matt's sister's name is Sarah...we just love the name so sweet...first night home Ollie called her baby Aunt Sarah. And then yesterday he asked why she wasn't baby Owen...that's a whole post in itself!
First family photo...don't think this one will win any awards, but it's documentation at least!
First sponge bath this morning, girlfriend, loved the warm water, just like her mommy to love a warm bath. Spiderman enjoyed helping well until he decided the sink sprayer was more fun and then he accidentally sprayed baby sister in the face, oh goodness!
Sarah Claire is such a sweet baby, so very chill so very sleepy, so very hungry and eats so very well. So much to be thankful for! At her checkup yesterday I told our pediatrician everything just felt surreal and she chuckled and said, um call me in a week and a half! P.S. I think she looks like her daddy!
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Atkinson said...

she is so precious...can't wait to come and meet her! glad to hear all is well:)