Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sarah Claire's Birth Day...

I wanted to share a few pics from the big day last week (feels like a month ago already.) Matt and I were not really taking pictures that much, but thankfully Grandma Cheryl did and I borrowed her SD card yesterday and these are some of what I found.

Checking in this week...we are still doing good, still eating a lot, working on sleeping, made some more adjustments last night which made it in my opinion the best night yet...we are remembering however that sleep is optional at this stage in the game. Matt's mom came for a few days this week and was a great help and Grandpa Hank and Uncle Ben stopped by for a little while yesterday. Ollie is getting a bit stir crazy that poor kid is his mother's child alright, must be around he's looking forward to going to school tomorrow. We switched him to part time, so he now goes Mon/Fri from 9-1pm, to give me a bit of a break and rest and keep him in the flow at his school. The pink outfits are flowing in daily it seems and I just want to play dress up and try them all on, but baby girl doesn't much like to get her clothes or diaper changed so we'll have to wait a while on that one.
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Grandma in C. said...

Hi, Glad Ollie is in school. He needs that and so do you. Don't worry, Sarah Claire, if she is anything like her Mother, will play dress up. I remember we would try on tons of clothes in the store and the first thing you wanted to do when we got home was try all of them on for your Dad. It was so neat. So just hang in there, your time will come. Love the pictures from Grandma Cheryl. Glad Grandpa Hank and Ben got to visit. Hope to see you soon, maybe to pack? Love ya, Grandma in C.

melissa said...

so sweet! thanks for keeping us posted!! lots of hugs and kisses to both those cutie pies!