Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oriental at sunset...

This is my son...Ollie.
And this is his best friend...John.
And this is what happens when two little boys are brought to a beach on a late Saturday afternoon, they the water of course, in the not so warm water...and have the best time of their lives.
And this is a really neat to use my zoom lens and the lighting was just about perfect.

Yes, we ran away to Oriental this weekend and took some of our best buds. It was so good to be in our favorite coastal spot, we haven't been there since December the sun was warm, the wind was refreshing and location always what the doctor ordered. Yes, Sarah Claire was there, she loved it! Hoping to use my zoom lens on her this week!
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Mom in C. said...

These are the two cutest boys I have ever seen. They will LOVE these pictures when they are grown.
I did check with Whitney and they do have on underwear! This is good. Seems they did do the skinny dipping number later. Oriental is a great place. Maybe no one will buy your boat. Options are open for a slip at a Charleston Marina.
We would love that, don't ya know?
Love to all of you,