Thursday, March 25, 2010

pieces of love...

When Ollie was about to be born we knew he was a I commissioned my sweet friend Kristen to make his bumper and bed skirt and Matt's mom made his curtains, a pillow and a super sweet quilt. Well this time around we didn't know if we would be recycling the oh so cute sailboat stuff or if we would be "thinking pink."

Well thinking pink we are...I found these 4 fabrics the other day and love, love, love them. I am inspired by this set so would like to use these fabrics to create something similar. My sweet and thoughtful mother in love has volunteered to create this, pink girly masterpiece for baby Sarah Claire's room. So take a look at the fabric if you will, and the pottery barn set and give us some thoughts on how you would make this work as we "think pink!"
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Mom in C. said...

My creative juices have been working. I think it would be pretty to have the solids on each end and the others in the middle and depending on how "girlie" you want to get, some eyelet on the edge of the bottom of the dust ruffle. Eyelet is so prissy and feminine. A pink polka-dot sheet for the crib and a pale green paint for the walls and a beautiful pink and green rug for the floor. Of course you have to have a pretty little lamp in the shape of a flower in silver maybe.
How's that? Did I do good? Love ya, Mom