Sunday, October 19, 2008

B and B's my review...

Matt and I love to go away together, we did a lot before Ollie was born and have tried to do it as much as possible since but it's not as easy to run away. So when we do we want to make it worth the wait. We love to stay at Bed and Breakfasts! I know some people get freaked out about the whole concept of sleeping in a house with other people right beside you but believe me, it is worth the try.

Here's my review of the the whole B and B scene, for what it's worth. We enjoy the feeling of quaintness and southern hospitality you get from the people that own these places. As I've mentioned before I would LOVE to own a B and B one day and often practice with my guest bedroom. Most B and B's these days have private baths in all the rooms. Most of the places have separate tables for two in the dining room so you don't have to sit at table with random strangers. I've devised my own rating of the B and B's we've visited the H scale. I would love to introduce you to the top 10 B and B's we've visited over the past 7 1/2 years. The H scale goes from one H to 5 H's, you'll see what I mean. For me I check out the B and B before we make reservations online and the two things that I check for are: Bedding (as seen above) and Bath (as seen below.) I love fresh clean linens and beautiful bathtubs, I love to soak in a hot bath and then snuggle next to my sweetie in like 1000 count sheets.

All right here the list in no particular order, you can go to the website by rolling over the name:
  1. The Blair House score: HHHH, absolutely would call this one my fave, we've been here 3 times and actually these pictures are from that lovely place. It only gets 4 H's because of location, Troy, NC...not much to do in Troy except for be romantic I guess.
  2. Mansfield Plantation score: HHHHH Man was this place nice, bedding, bath, breakfast all nestled just outside of Georgetown, SC. They had bikes and we rode them all around the plantation, saw alligators in the swamp, nice!
  3. Colonial Pines Inn score: HHHH Talk about a shi-shi place to vacate, this B and B is nestled in the heart of Highlands, NC. We loved this place b/c they have a room called the bargain basement, I think it was $80 a night. They decided to keep the same price since 1980 or something. Once again plush down comforter, nice town, the only bad memory was I was 8 months pregnant when we went there and I thought I was having contractions that night, not fun, just a little paranoid.
  4. Cypress House Inn score: HHH This was a fun place it's in Kill Devil Hills, NC. It's right across the street from the beach, the bedding and bath were ok, thus the reason for the score, but the scenery was unbelievable. Interesting fact, when we visited this one I was 5 weeks pregnant, we had just found out. I was so nervous about the cheese in the soufflee.
  5. Cartwright House score HHH, This one is in one of our fav. spots, Oriental, NC. The Cartwright is for sale if you're interested. The bedding was mediocre. She dropped breakfast off at our door which was nice but only gave us coffee to drink, I don't drink coffee. But, there were cruiser bikes to use at your leisure and we've rode all around that town, actually I think we stayed here the first time we went to ONC.
  6. Pilot Knob Inn score HHHH This was the first B and B we ever ventured to, located right near Pilot Mtn, NC. It's cool b/c you stay in your own tobacco barn and each one had a hot tub for two.
  7. Herring Hall score HHHH This is the place we went to this weekend. We loved the innkeeper, the house had been in her family forever. We were the only ones there, which was super fun. The bedding was comfy and the the claw foot tub was a classic to the house. She had a ton of snacks and gave great recommendations.
  8. Outdoors Inn score HHH Located in Manteo, NC. This one actually was like a part of their house, we could hear their kids watching tv and the food wasn't that great. BUT, they had free kayaks and we kayaked ourselves all around the inlets near Manteo.
  9. Admiral Fell Inn score HHHH This is the only hotel that makes the list. We went to Baltimore last Christmas and this is where we stayed. This hotel was so posh, the furnishings just made it feel like a B and B. And it was smack in the middle of Fells Point, which is home of Bertha's Mussels and a hole lot of bars, but fun!
  10. The Chalet Inn score HHH We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary here. The bedding and surroundings were beautiful, but they played on the Chalet theme a bit too much and came to breakfast in Leider Hosen (sp) and served cold cuts and poached eggs.
Well, there you go I forgot to mention that most of the B and B's we frequent cost anywhere from $100 to $150 a night but it is well worth the money, I promise. We have also been to about a handful of B and B's that I would not recommend, but I guess everyone has there hang ups. Do you have a favorite spot to visit, I'd love to know!!


My First Kitchen said...

What a great post!! We hardly ever go away, but this sure does make the decision easier the next time we do. Nice tip!!

sh said...

You are destined to own a B&B.

Karen P said...

Hi - just checking you out from Emily's blog. Didn't know you blogged.

What you don't think Troy is romantic??? Just kidding - I drive thru Troy on my way home (Norwood, NC) and have always wanted to stay in one of Troy's finest. Also, I love Georgetown, SC - so beautiful!

BTW - no that it has to be said, but Ollie is A-DOR-A-BLE (Pauses for effect!). Hope you guys are doing well!