Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brilliant Idea #1

Ok, hear me out on this one. We have a one point five year old, as do many of our friends. And if you are a parent of a young child you know that eating dinner out is not as much fun as it used to be, sigh! If I was independently wealthy here is the business plan I would propose: Chaos Cafe.

Chaos Cafe the place where kids can be kids and adults can be adults at the same time. Imagine if you will all the walls are painted with black chalk board paint and colorful buckets of chalk are just sitting around. There are kids sized picnic tables in the corners with coloring books and crayons. My friend Kendra from My First Kitchen could be the chef and it would serve non-chikfila things for the adults like yummy pasta, pizza, salmon burgers, and of course there would be a healthy but yum kids menu. The beauty of the Chaos Cafe is that parent and child are in harmony, the kids eat and then they can go play. And the cafe is intimate enough that you can enjoy your dinner and adult beverage and have a conversation with your friends and your child is just right there having the time of their life as well, simple chaos. It might need to have two sections like: clear runny nose and yellow/green runny nose, but we could work out all those details later.

I actually did read about a place like this in a baby magazine one time, this restaraunt was in California somewhere. So if you live in the greater Greensboro area and have extra dough you want to invest in something...invest me and my family and about 20 of my friends families who dream of a place just like this.

Side note about the graphic, I "borrowed" it from a real Chaos Cafe in Portland, this is a Vegan place that probably doesn't have two seperate runny nose sections, but they do have a cool name and a cool sign if I don't say so myself.


Grandma in C. said...

Whit, You are brillant! I have a good idea too. Don't let the green slime nose running kids in. Next thing you know, your precious little Ollie will be green. Those need to stay home.
Otherwise, great. Get Kendra to cook and I will be glad to buy a share of stock in your company. Do you ever sleep? Your mind is on constant go. Let me tell you, that catches up with you. Slow down and smell the roses! Love ya,

Emily said...

I agree, we need one here in Atlanta too!

kelly said...

ha, ha. love it, whit! count me in for the chaos.

Kendra said...

I'm in. Thanks for wanting me to cook for you. I think it's a great idea, especially the runny nose distinction.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Let us know when it's been established. How bout doors that the kids cannot open from the inside so you don't have to get up every 5 seconds, "No Daniel, you can't go outside in the parking lot!"....Maybe a baby gate keeping them out of the kitchen..."no Nathan, you can't go back there!".....There could be a counter where you can purchase pacifiers (since you walked out the door without yours)....I have LOTS of ideas! :-) Karen