Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend in far

Our weekend started with a nice Friday evening stroll around the bog gardens. Ollie was calling for the ducks, they were missing, maybe they've already flown south. Notice the lovely gaze in my eyes, I had some kind of wicked bug on Friday, I had to leave work early, not pretty, but I'm all better now.
This morning we headed to the coolest playground I've ever seen in Burlington with our friends Greg, Lucy and their dog Scout. I'm telling you this playground was worth the drive. Ollie had tons of fun and met lots of new friends.
Here's Ollie and Scout, in a perfect world Ollie would have a doggie and a horsey by his side at all times! Happy Saturday to you and yours!
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Mom in C. said...

This is such a cute picture of all of you and all of Ollie too.
You are such a sweet family. When are you going to have another one?
Just make the announcement on the internet!
I love you guys so much. See you at the NKOTB concert soon.
Come on Matt, still time for you to hang out in the room with the boys.