Thursday, October 16, 2008

The mark of a Hannam?

Matt, Matt's mom, Matt's Brother Ben and I think even Grandma Byrd have piebaldism (lack of skin pigment in certain spots.) We've been waiting to see if Ollie would have "the mark." We've noticed in the past few weeks the faint resemblance of a white spot on Ollies left cheek. What do you think, has he been blessed with Daddy's kiss? And no he's not smoking in these pictures, just kickin' it with a sucker.

In other Ollie news, he learned two new words this week: silly, I was dancing in the car this afternoon and he said, "silly mommy. " And the other word is funny. He and I were having a "fun" shouting contest earlier this week and he put his hand on his chest and said, funny. Yeah, Olls you are turning out to be quiet a funny little guy, heart ya!!!
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Joylynn said...

If that's a sign of Matt's kiss, then I think Thor got Matt's kiss too because we all of a sudden noticed a few weeks ago that there is a small patch of skin under Thor's chin where hair no longer grows. It's very white again Thor's dark beard when has hasn't shaved in a few days. Ollie is a darling:)

melissa said...

maybe just barely a hint. but so sweet. and i love brilliant idea #2. i'm gonna have to think about that one! ;)