Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Wednesday

Our friends Lauren and Justin are getting married in about 6 weeks. And today on her blog she is asking people to give feedback, advice and/ or share memories from their wedding day. Apparently I suck at taking pictures of pictures, believe me this was the best one of the 10 I took/ 15 I deleted. Lauren, please feel free to gain inspiration from this picture!

Matt and I got married 7 years ago, July 7, 2001 in Charleston, SC. It was one of the hottest days of the summer and our reception was outside, in my parents yard. My dress, which I try on every year on my anniversary, was not strapless, however if I could do it again it would be. It was very Jackie Oish with a scoop neck that followed to a V down my back with satin covered buttons. The whole strapless thing was just starting back then and I didn't feel brave enough to try it. Our bridesmaid dresses were periwinkle, they were strapless. I guess I was brave enough to put my girls in them, but not for me. The flowers were a gorgeous mix of all kinds of wildflower looking flowers, the main flower that tied my bouquet and the bridesmaids was a delphinium. What a beauty, every time I gaze at that little purple flower it reminds me of the day I said, I do (you'll have to ask Matt about that moment later on.)

Ok so wedding advice: relax, the day only happens one time, in fact I was so nervous the day of, that I seriously blew chunks that morning, yeah seriously. Umm, practice smiling before the big day, otherwise your cheek muscles will really get tired that day. Eat your cake, I know I we had "the bite" but I don't remember really eating a piece. And don't worry about rushing out of your reception, you will want to say hi to everyone but our feelings won't get hurt if you get on out of there to go be with your new husband, we'll understand! So, there you have it, Lauren and Justin the Hannams are excited to celebrate you in just a few weeks!
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Lauren and Justin said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww thank you so much, whit. we love you and are sososo sooooooooo excited that we get to celebrate with you and the mattster.
what a great photo of your wedding day ;)

Anonymous said...

You blew chunks? That is so funny! :-) I probably could have if I would have actually eaten. Hee, hee. KC

Phrona Lybrand said...

I can tell you, its a good thing you are not getting married in July in Charleston, SC. Whit put it mild when she said it was hot. We were having a heat wave. We had wall to wall people outside on the porch all dressed up acting like they were having fun when all along, they were cursing us under their breath.
Have a Happy Wedding Day in the cool of Fall and don't throw up. My gosh that daughter of mine is too blunt sometimes. I did raise her better, I promise.
Best wishes for a long, fruitful life of bliss and lots of children for your parents to love and I hope they live close to you.
Mom in C.

sh said...

Advice: Don't put your bridesmaids in strapless.