Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brilliant Idea #2

We have a small house. Ollie's room I guess takes up about 150 of our 1200 square feet. Because of the quaintness of our pad and the location of our bedroom to Olls room I am hereby proposing my Brilliant Idea #2: The sleep in basket.

Yes, I've been plotting this one for a while now. See b/c of the above mentioned smallness of our home, some mornings, well, mainly Saturdays and Sundays we would love to be able to sleep in just a little bit more than usual. Well, our sweet little guy doesn't know quite what that means yet. So what would happen is after Ollie has gone to sleep we tip toe into his room and hook on the sleep in basket (bicycle basket with wide hooks, no sharp edges.) The basket is filled with stuffed animals, books and maybe one or two non-eye poking out toys. So when he wakes up ready to play he is greeted with lots of fun and maybe just maybe mommy and daddy can catch a few more conversations with Mr. Sandman and then get up and go have breakfast at the Chaos Cafe!!!


Matt Hannam said...

That is waaay better than your idea to give him hard liquor in his bottle...

Grandma in C. said...

I am not so sure of this one. Ollie is so smart, I am afraid that he will get out the bed by climbing in the basket. Why don't you just put a little clothe basket in his bed after he is asleep and he will wake to see this. Change it up every two or three days. You know he is very intelligent! Love ya, Mom in C.