Monday, December 22, 2008

And what to my wondering eyes may appear...

My super handy, creative and thoughtful husband made this table for Ollie last week. Isn't it a beaut? We had to go out and buy our very first coloring book so that Ollie would have something fun to do at his new studio. It fits snug in the corner right next to his crib.
Ollie's best bud John came over yesterday, he enjoyed coloring at the table as well, so cute!
Well, we slightly underestimated our toddler last night. You see we all got up this morning sent Matt off to work and then when I went in Ollie's room to get him dressed...what to my wondering eyes did appear hidden perfectly under his blue blankey...a small plastic bag with filled with crayola gear! If you look closely you can see his artistic rendering on his yellow sheet, nice, Olls, nice! Don't worry we made sure he couldn't reach them tonight.
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Sarah said...

That is beautiful! Maybe LeGrande and Matt could go into business together.