Friday, December 12, 2008

Pic of the week

I call it: This IS our son!!!

Our babysitter, Taylor, snapped a few pics of Ollie last week and this one was my fave. When I saw this picture I laughed so hard I teared up. Our little Ollie has just really started to "be his own little person" lately. And I am here to tell you that little person is soooo funny and full of spark. Ollie loves to make us laugh and is often looking for things to do to "entertain." Oh and he seems to love Christmas, we ride around in the car at night and all he says over and over: "tree, lights." And his daddy introduced him to Eggnog last weekend. He has woken up almost every morning since asking for, "Noggy." What a fun time, we are so blessed!

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Joylynn Rasmussen said...

The little drummer boy in training...