Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 8 of 2008

Out with the old, in with the new, right?! It's been a wonderful year in the Hannam household. I've been doing some reflecting and here are the top 8 things that have happened in my life this year, in no particular order. I'd love to know yours!

1. Falling more in love with Matt...I no this sounds cheezy but we've made some changes and I am loving him more b/c of it.
2. I started seeing a counselor...more to come on this one, but it has rocked my world in a great way!
3. Blogging...this creative outlet has been so fun for me this year (please note there will not be this many posts when I go back to work next week.)
4. Completing my first 5K!
5. Learning how to parent a toddler...all I've got to say is...consistency, consistency, consistency!
6. Planning all of our meals for the week on Sundays, then shopping for all of them on one day, love it!!!
7. More planning...I haven't had to bring home my lesson plans at all this year, it has paid to work hard after school to get them done, makes for a more happy Hannam on the weekend.
8. Working at Bravo Signs this past summer...learned so much, learned to appreciate my man even more!

We are truly a blessed family, what's to come in 2009, who knows...stay tuned to find out!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Whit,
Happy 2009! Wow can't believe it.
These are my top things to be thankful for. Oh I know it's not Thanksgiving but for me,every day is a day to be thankful:
l. To be alive.
2. To have two wonderful grown children, one Grandson and an awesome son-in-law.
3. To have a wonderful husband of 40 years.
4. To be involved in ministry in one of the best churches, Seacoast, in the country.
5. To have faithful, true friends all over the USA.
6. To have salvation - this of course if # 1.
7. To live in America, home of the free and the brave.
8. To have a warm home, always open to anyone and everyone and to know that I am safe in my home.
9. To share love with people that I don't want to share love with sometime.
l0. To know that if I should die before I wake, the Lord will have my spirit with Him forever and ever.

Sarah said...

I like your idea and I'll throw my thoughts in here because I have a few moments! My top 8 2008 moments are:

1. Experiencing a closer walk with the Lord. It's been a challenging year full of really good growth for me.
2. The healthy birth of my daughter and the great baby she's been so far.
3. A deeper relationship with my husband. We've been communicating better and working hard at serving one another.
4. Raising a toddler and learning how good/bad of a mom I can be. It takes a really selfless person to do this job perfectly!
5. Finding out I have type 1 diabetes and learning how to control it and still have a "normal" life.
6. Learning how to cook low-carb meals. Also, convincing myself that I need to fill up on the healthy stuff and not skip to dessert. (oh for those days!)
7. Learning how to love someone with Alzheimer's and getting to know them better because I can hear more of their past than ever before.
8. Spending so much quality time with my family. The pictures and the memories we have made are beyond measure to me!

Matt Hannam said...

1. Whitney
2. Ollie
3. Indoor plumbing
4. Enough of everything we need- money, food, stuff
5. Whitney
6. The North Carolina coast
7. Scrubs, season 6
8. all my family. The people, not the show.