Monday, December 29, 2008

R and R at the Rhett House Inn

So part of Matt and our Christmas present to each other every year, per the tradition that started last year is to leave Olls with the grand ole parents and head on a mini adventure. This year since we were in Charleston we headed south to Beaufort, SC. We stayed at this delightful bed and breakfast right smack dab in the heart of old Beaufort. It was a sweet time for us as we mainly took pictures of everything around us with our new camera _______. (?) As seen above we were trying to be somewhat creative in some of these. Ollie had the best time at Camp Cloudmont (street my parents live on,) the whole ride home he said, " I want Ganpa, I want Ganpa." Ganpa is kind of the generic name for all the grandparents. We love to stay in bed and breakfasts and the Rhett House Inn was definately one of the nicest ones we've stayed in. While we were there I started thinking about ways our "hobby" could become free or cheaper at least. But those thoughts are still jumbled and will be saved for another post.
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