Monday, April 5, 2010


Happy Easter...from the Hannam Four!
Oh the brotherly love...some days we just aren't feeling it!
We headed to VA for the weekend to spend it with Matt's parents, it was a great time for everybody!
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Sarah said...

I so love the pictures of Ollie with Sarah. Reminds me so much of Chase with Alexa. He is the best big brother at times and also the worst (and I mean that nicely)!

Mom in Charleston said...

What a great looking family - all of you Hannams. Whit, you and Matt are lookin mighty fine to be new parents. It agrees with you. Now Ollie on the other hand, might not be as happy as we thought. Glad Marzie has a new home. She will love the big "yard". Hope we all have many beautiful Easters and that the Lord will continue to bless us with His Mercy and Grace.
I love you all.
Mom in C.