Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello there!

This blog post is brought to you by the wi-fi at Panera on Wendover! Here's to a cobblestone muffin, sweet tea, a sleepy baby and a toddler at pre-school! We're officially homeless! We closed on our sweet little house yesterday afternoon, this whole process has been somewhat bittersweet. We lived there for 7 years and learned to be husband and wife and then a family together. But as Matt said on Monday night as we toasted the good times on the front porch, we are ready to write the next chapter! So in the interim we are staying in the basement apt. of our friends house (house above) this was a plan change from earlier mentioned, same family, different house, they live upstairs in this one. But it is great, very comfortable and Ollie loves their back yard and their German Shepherd puppy, Macy!

These two pictures are from our "nature walk" yesterday! For real this place is like a hidden forest, with many secret gardens including a stream.
Quick shot from naptime yesterday...I was squeezed in the middle for a while as I had a hard time getting the 3yr old to go to bed an hour later than normal b/c of our house closing. They are so sweet together! Well, we're headed to Virginia for the weekend for some family time and Matt and I are headed away together for a night for some R and R! Happy Friday to you!
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Mom in C. said...

Wow! At first I thought that was your new back yard. That would be nice. You are blessed to get to stay in this apartment with the many secret gardens to explore. Ollie is loving it I know. Sarah looks pretty happy also on her little tummy. You guys loved to sleep on your tummy but that was what they said to do "way back then". Just make certain she burps really good before you put her on her stomach. Have fun on your R & R night away. You two deserve it. Love ya,
Mom in C.