Sunday, April 11, 2010

sneak peek!!!!

Photo shoot in the yard yesterday... subject: Sarah Claire's birth announcement!!!!
These are some of the outtakes, can't post the final pic of course!

She was a sweetie pie for most of the event but by the end she was thinking, "ok Mommy I've had enough!"

Sorry for the lack of blog post about my Ollie, promise to let you in on his adventures this week!
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Grandma in Charleston said...

Is this not the cutest little sweetie in the world? I love her outfit. She will be dancing with the ballet company soon! Can't wait to see the intakes because the outakes are so precious. Whit,
you need to do photography instead of teaching. Or maybe both for a while. I know you have so much time to do both! Have a great week. I will be going to the mail even more often to get our announcement.
Love to all of you,
PS Sorry, I just seem to get right in here a lot but that's because I am a Grandmother!

melissa said...

its crazy how much she looks like ols! but so dainty and pretty and sweet, and oooohhhh, just such a little doll!! can't wait to see the pic you chose!

Emily Nixon said...

Such sweet little pictures!!! Love them. - Emily