Monday, August 25, 2008


Today Ollie officially turns 1 and 1/2, 18 months in baby talk, but don't be deceived he's no baby!!! I had so much fun at home with him this summer, he learned so much. Here are a few highlights of what our 1.5 year old can do...

Say cheese, when you are holding a camera, near a camera or when he is holding a camera. Do you think he gets his pictured snapped a lot??? Actually we (mostly I) took over 400 pictures just this summer.

Sing the A,B,C's: I drilled those with him this summer, he dances and chimes in on the letters B, G, H, O,P and then says the word Now at the end, cool huh?! We visited a really cool site this summer and learned about our letters pretty much each morning.

He can call a lot of things by name, I mentioned some a few weeks ago, but the cutest words he says most recently are "patch" for his paci, Froggy for well his froggy lovey, water when he wants water, "muk" when he wants milk to drink. When he's hungry he says, "eat, eat, hungy."

He can ask for help, it the cutest thing, and it has really cut down on his frustration level, "Hep Me" he'll say, and you just have to help.

He just started to grasp the concept of the word back, if he's finished with something, like a toy he'll say "back" and put it back.

As far as motor skills go, he's still climbing everything, but he has started to go down and up stairs without holding on to someone or something.

And he's just starting to really listen to directions, tonight he had a paper lunch bag and we said Ollie why don't you put a car in your bag. He went into the living room and came back with something in his bag...when asked what's in your bag, he said "car" and pulled out a little green car.

He's getting good with names too, he knows most of he kids in his class and his teacher, Lorraine or "Rain Rain" he calls her and Matt has officially become Daddy not Da Da. And I'm still Momma, which I love. It's fun being Ollie's parent, happy 1.5 little man!!
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Lauren and Justin said...

what a sweetie :) we love y'all!

Jenny said...

wow. it's so hard to believe how quickly they grow. ollister is so precious. love you guys!