Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Hobbs

"On behalf of the president of the United States of America, I present this to you with great condolensces. "

I was the first grand child born in my family, I got to name all the older people and my Uncle Marvin ( my Pa Pa's brother) was chosen to be Uncle Hobbie. Today we celebrated his life. I didn't get asked to speak at his funeral but if I had been asked, this is what I would say. Hobbs was everyone's friend and everyone wanted to be his. He always had advice to give whether it was on building something with wood, canning a vegetable or going to college. He was handy and practical, a trait I claim a lot, and maybe, just maybe I got it from him. He was fearless or at least that's how it always seemed. But behind those rough garden working arms and hands was always this big strong bear hug. He was creative and passionate about fishing, plaid shirts, and his hair. He served in World War II and could tell stories of such with the best of them. He had a mechanical valve to keep his heart running and the first time he met Matt some 9 years ago, he almost immediately put Matt's head right up to his heart so he could hear it ticking. I knew then that if my Hobbs could embrace Matt that way, then surely I'd found the right one. He loved well, he loved my Aunt Marilyn, my mom and my mom's sister as if they were his own daughters and loved all of us nieces and nephews as if we were his grandkids and the few times he was around Ollie he seemed to think he was the coolest kid on the block, too. Tonight, I am so thankful that I got a chance to know him but man, am I gonna miss that guy. Uncle Hobbs we all carry a little bit of you in us...thank you for teaching us so many things, mainly how to be a family.
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Amy Sasser said...

Whit, been thinking about you all weekend but especially today. I am thankful you all are home.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and heart-felt tribute to "our hero". He loved all of you very much and his life reflected that love in every way.
We will miss him but he lives in our heart always.
Thank you as always for being a very thoughtful daughter.
I love you,

Atkinson said...

whit...we have been thinking about you..i am so sorry for your loss. glad you guys are back home safely:)