Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer's last dance???

It's rained like cats and dogs here the past few days, don't get me wrong we needed it, but man did it rain! Ollie was so excited to get to go outside in the back yard this afternoon. He found a "present" by his slide, his toy tub was filled to the brim with water, dirty, yucky water. While he was checking it out (for about 2.5 seconds) you might be wondering what I was thinking: "no Ollie, that's dirty, or perhaps yikes ringworms, maybe even no you have on your brand new tennis shoes, " no I was thinking go get the camera!!! What a fun time Olls had as he splashed and splashed in his make shift pool. Summer is coming to a close, now we just have to learn the word pumpkin.
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Anonymous said...

You are the best Mom there is! I would have had a "hissy fit" if I had been in charge. Ols would have come inside and taken a bath, new tennis shoes and all. He will have such fond memories of the days when he was a little guy playing with his Mom.
Love ya,

The Cooks said...

Hey Whitney.

Wow, it's so good to reconnect with you. I'm so glad to check out your blog. You look like you are such a wonderful mother, and your son is cute cute!

I'm excited to keep up with your family now. It seems like you guys are doing really well.

Check back in! I will! : )

Lauren and Justin said...

cutie patootie. sad i missed dinner with yall...