Thursday, August 7, 2008


It's time for the truth to be told. I am a 3rd generation soap opera watcher. Yes, my Nonnie (my mom's mom) watched the Y and R (Young and the Restless), my mom and her sister my Aunt Mary watched (and still watch) the Y and R growing up, my brother, Wes, and I watched it growing up with my mom, of course. And I, this summer, have been sucked back into the web of a world that Matt fondly has referred to stories. Please note that the Y and R comes on CBS everyday between 12:30 and 1: 30 which is smack dab in the middle of Ollie's naptime, so he has not yet been introduced to my friends.

Summer is coming to a close, school starts in 19 days. So long Victor, so sorry about the death of your wife Sabrina. Nikki, I hate that your husband was killed, but he was a bit creepy and please stay away from the booze! Victoria and Nick oh how I hope you patch things up with your dad when he comes back from wherever that bus took him yesterday. Neil, I hope you figure out who you really are in love with. Devon...good luck with your music career. Daniel will you ever figure out that Amber is just bad news? And Paul, thanks for keeping it real and protecting all the peeps of Genoa City.

I'll see you guys in 9 months, sigh, oh wait, maybe I'll schedule a few sick days!

P.S. If anyone can score me a copy of this cookbook, you'll be my best friend forever, I mean it.


Amy Sasser said...

Oh Whit! :) Love it! And your cooking book is on its way. It should be here in 4-10 business days. Hopefully it will be in good condition for $0.47 plus shipping. I expect to be the first to sample an entree out of it.

Anonymous said...

Hello! My name is Shannon and I too am a Y&R addict. I have been an addict all my grandmother introduced me. I can't get enough of the drama that unfolds in Genoa City. I highly recommend getting a DVR so that you do not have to miss 9 months of Y&R.

Anonymous said...

i'm belly-laughing way too loud...i'm a y&r fan too whit...unfortunately, my girls have been exposed to it a little. my little joy thinks lily is "so pretty." i'm a 3rd-generationer as well! ~Haley

Phrona Lybrand said...

How could you go telling our "family secret"? Glad to know the book is on the way from Amy Sasser. Great cooking.. . steamy recipes for your B&B.