Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What we've been up to...

...cramming in the last little bit of fun into summer 2008! We've been going to the park, we finally made it to Cascade park with friends, it has the coolest sand box in all of Greensboro! Check out Ollie's hair, it's electrified. We've been trimming trees and painting the eves (sp?) with the Bravo bucket van, we all deserved a popsicle after that one. We've been doing some fun crafts with finger paint, I might show the end result (it didn't turn out as cute as I wanted it too, but he's only one remember.)

And for a big finale of our summer vacation we went on a field trip to the Super G Mart. I've been wanting to go there all summer. It's basically an international food grocery store right here in G-boro. Let me tell you it was a multi-cultural experience, Ollie had this look on his face pretty much the whole time. The produce was unbelievable and cheap. I saw things I never knew people ate, like shrimp flavored chips and whole pig bellies. I'm pretty sure Ollie and I were the only Americans in the whole store, which is pretty much a-typical for the small world we live was fun, you should check it out. I bought some flan, some pad Thai noodles, some Chinese gummy candy and an avocado, just b/c it was $2 cheaper than Harris Teeter.

*post edit, my friend Joylynn pointed out that we were the only Caucasian Americans at the super G, thanks for keeping me straight Joy!
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Joylynn said...

Hi Whit,
So let me tell you about shrimp chips! They've been one of my favorite snacks since I was a kid (my mom would make them a lot:) I have some in my pantry but they're not the best I've had.

And do you mean, "you were pretty much the only white Americans" in the store? ;)